2010. április 29., csütörtök

Curriculum Vitae

Csákovics Lajos (1974)


1992 – Graduation from Perczel Mór Secondary Grammar School, Siófok

1995 – Graduation from Secondary Technical School of Applied Arts, Kaposvár

2001 – MA , University of Applied Arts, Department of Visual Communication, Faculty of Animation

2003 – MA , University of Applied Arts, Institute of Theoretical Studies, Teacher of Art

Employment history:

I have worked in several productions as a character designer and layout artist and animator

I was the animation director of the animated feature film "Catcher: Cat City 2" (Macskafogó 2 – A sátán macskája).

I was a tutor at a training course for clean-up artists organised by Pannonia Film Studios in 2005-2006.

I have been teaching the fundamentals of animation at the Faculty of Animation at Moholy-Nagy University of Arts since 2008.

Currently, I work as a storyboard artist and animator in a 3D animation stutio.


In my free time I translate opera librettos into Hungarian. Recently I have been working for the Hungarian State Opera and Liszt Ferenc University of Music regularly.

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